Monday, March 10, 2014

Blade 500 3d Review

This being only my fourth helicopter I was very nervous about flying it, but i must say with the minimal experience I have with helicopters this one actually has much more bark then bite. I have only had 3 other helicopters before purchasing my 500 3d (blade MSR, blade, CP Pro, and blade nano CP), but when the price of 250.00 for a 500 sized collective pitch heli came around I just couldn't help myself. After receiving

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DX6i Review

For many people, upgrading they're transmitter is a must early on.  After buying your second or third aircraft you're gonna get pretty sick of lugging around a different remote for ever plane or helicopter you have in your hanger.

The DX6i is the best choice to me when wanting to upgrade your transmitter for the first time.

First off for a programmable radio with dual rates and expo for only $139.00 is truly unbeatable.  Secondly until you start getting into planes with 7 or more channels the DX6i will fill your needs perfectly.  Program and save up to 10 different models including helicopters

The only bad thing I have to say about this remote is that the screen does not come with a back light making if kinda hard to see in the right lighting.  They do sell a back light kit, if you so choose you must have one, but it's really not that necessary.

So again if your looking for a multiple aircraft remote with helicopter programming and mixing options for a decent price this is probably your best bang for your buck.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Building your own training gear for 500 sized helicopter for under $20.00

Training gear can be a life saver when first learning to hover a RC helicopter, but store bought ones can be expensive and sometimes cheaply made and won't necessarily save your helicopter when you need them to.

I constructed a cheap, effective and very durable set of gear to use with your 500 sized helis. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flyzone Switch RTF

There is always a huge debate over which is the best trainer, 3 channel or 4 channel.  For those who don't know each channel controls a different surface on the aircraft.  For instance, a 3 channel plane has a controllable elevator, rudder and throttle.  A 4 channel plane has a controllable elevator, rudder, throttle and ailerons.

Personally I believe a 4 channel plane is a better start. While yes, there are more controls to keep tabs on, someday when you move up into a 4 channel plane you will have to learn a completely new way of flying.

Phoenix RC Simulator 4

First off I would like to start by saying a flight simulator is the best money spent when entering this hobby.  If your one of those people, like me, who likes to be self taught then this is definitely a must purchase, and if your one of those people also like me who think "ah I don't need a sim I'll just take it slow and steady with the real thing" then let me just save you a lot of time and money and recommend you get yourself a simulator.

My Hanger

This being my first post I thought I would start by listing my current aircraft and equipment I use and later will break them down individually.

-Phoenix 4

-Blade MSR
-Blade CP Pro
-Blade Nano CPX
-Blade 500 3D

-Flyzone Switch RTF
-Hanger 9 Alpha 40 RTF
-Hanger 9 F4U Corsair 60 ARF
-Hanger 9 Pulse XT 40 RTF
-Great Planes Escapade .61 ARF
-Hobby King P-51 Big Beautiful Doll PNP
-E-Flight Carbon z Yak 54 3x BNF
-Hobbyzone Sportman Glassair RTF (wifes first plane)

-Spektrum DX6i
-Spektrum Receivers

GoPro Hero 3 White Edition