Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flyzone Switch RTF

There is always a huge debate over which is the best trainer, 3 channel or 4 channel.  For those who don't know each channel controls a different surface on the aircraft.  For instance, a 3 channel plane has a controllable elevator, rudder and throttle.  A 4 channel plane has a controllable elevator, rudder, throttle and ailerons.

Personally I believe a 4 channel plane is a better start. While yes, there are more controls to keep tabs on, someday when you move up into a 4 channel plane you will have to learn a completely new way of flying.

 The Switch by Flyzone was my first purchase, well after purchasing my Phoenix Flight sim.  The question everyone wants to know "would you buy it again?"  In a heart beat, if I didn't still have my first one. When I was looking for my first plane, I knew I needed something that I could learn on but at the same time not get bored with it and need to spend more money in a short time.

I came across this at my LHS and what really caught my eye was that this plane changes from top wing trainer to low wing aerobatic plane in just minutes.  But even after getting the courage to fly the plane in it's low wing configuration I noticed that plane still felt as stable and tame as it did in the high wing potion only now it would execute rolls and turns quicker making the plane much more fun to fly.

This plane comes in a RTF package which is perfect for beginners, since it includes the radio, batteries, charger, servos and receiver already installed. It's affordable and a great deal at $279. Very minimal assembly is required, just screw on the landing gear and elevator, slide the two wing halves together, charge the battery and go fly.

It's lightweight and powerful motor makes it easy to to pull out of a mistake.  Don't mistake this plane's weight for weakness though, made from highly durable aerocell foam this plane can take some pretty hard hits.

I would recommend flying this plane without the wheel pants (wheel covers) if your going to be taking off and/or landing in the grass.  The covers will catch on the grass and either flip the plane over or tear the landing gear off, which is exactly what happened to me on my first flight.  Luckily another great thing about foam planes is not only can they take a beating but if they do break, most breaks can be fixed with ordinary hot glue.

So, what do we think about the Flyzone Switch?  This plane is great for beginner pilots or even pilots looking to transition into something a little more agile and aerobatic.  Would definitely recommend and would definitely buy again.


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