Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Phoenix RC Simulator 4

First off I would like to start by saying a flight simulator is the best money spent when entering this hobby.  If your one of those people, like me, who likes to be self taught then this is definitely a must purchase, and if your one of those people also like me who think "ah I don't need a sim I'll just take it slow and steady with the real thing" then let me just save you a lot of time and money and recommend you get yourself a simulator.

Flight simulators are the safest and cheapest way to teach yourself how to fly, only costing around 200.00 dollars and never needing fixed or rebuild, it's well worth the investment.  Before deciding if you think you need a flight sim just simply make yourself a pros and cons list, I guarantee the pros will outweigh the cons greatly.

The second thing I would like to say about purchasing a flight simulator is that not only can you teach yourself to fly at a minimum cost but even once you have mastered the sim and are flying the "real deal" on your own. What will happen when the weather is too terrible to go out and fly but your just aching to?  Would you rather risk taking your brand new beautiful plane out in 30+ MPH winds most likely to end in it slamming to the ground one way or another, or would you rather just sit on the couch in your PJ's and practice up on the sim?  Maybe try out some new aerobatics or just touch up on your landings.

When choosing a sim I believe it's really about preference.  If you were to ask a room full of RC pilots the two most common answers your going to hear are Phoenix and Real Flight.  Both of these options are great, neither has any more flaws or advantages over the other, again its really about preference.  Personally I chose Phoenix.  Why? Because it's what my LHS (local hobby shop) had in the day I was out looking for a sim.

Phoenix RC has over 150 aircraft including helicopters, fixed wing, tilt rotors, turbine jets, float planes, trainers and so much more.  You also get over 20 different flying sites to choose from as well as fixed camera, chase camera and cockpit view.

So in conclusion, if your thinking about picking up a sim for yourself, stop thinking right now and just head out and pick one up.  Whether your a new pilot wanting to learn how to fly or a experienced pilot wanting to learn some new moves or just be able to fly on those not so nice days outside this is the best expense in this hobby.


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