RC Term Glossary

I know when I got started in this hobby there was a lot of terms being thrown around that I didn't understand and sometimes didn't ask because i didn't want to sound foolish or new.  So I am putting together a glossary of terms for all the new comers so they don't have to feel this was.

LHS-Local Hobby Shop

RX-Receiver, This is the electronic inside the aircraft that receives the signal from your transmitter and controls the control surfaces.

TX-Transmitter, The radio that you hold that transmits the signal to the receiver inside the aircraft.

ARF-Almost Ready to Fly, These types of aircraft come mostly pre-assembled from the factory but still require an engine/motor, servos, and receiver.

RTF-Ready to Fly, These aircraft come as they say ready to fly with receiver, servos, engine/motor already installed and also come with a transmitter.  Some very minimal assembly is usually required.

BNF-Bind and Fly, These aircraft come pre-assembled and with engine/motor, servos and receiver installed but do not come with a transmitter, you just need to bind your existing transmitter to the receiver already installed.  Some very minimal assembly is usually required.

PNP-Plug and Play, These aircraft come with engine/motor, servos pre-installed but without a receiver installed, Just add your own receiver and transmitter.  Some minimal assembly is usually required.

Vertical Stab(stabilizer)-Planes rudder, Simply put is the piece on the back of the plane that is vertical or up and down long ways. Its control with push the tail of the plain left or right, also controls the steerable tail wheel on certain aircraft.

Horizontal Stab(stabilizer)-Planes Elevator, Simply put this is the part on the back of the plane the is horizontal or left and right long ways.  It controls pushes the tail of the plain up or down causing it to climb or descend.

I will add to this I think of more and if anyone can think of any that I missed please let me know


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