Monday, March 10, 2014

Blade 500 3d Review

This being only my fourth helicopter I was very nervous about flying it, but i must say with the minimal experience I have with helicopters this one actually has much more bark then bite. I have only had 3 other helicopters before purchasing my 500 3d (blade MSR, blade, CP Pro, and blade nano CP), but when the price of 250.00 for a 500 sized collective pitch heli came around I just couldn't help myself. After receiving
my new 500 3d I will admit it sat in the corner for about a  month and a half mainly because of the nerves of flying but also a little do to the weather. So while I was just gathering my nerves day after day I decided to build a nice set of training gear for this.

 After two great flights with the training gear I decided to ditch them and was greatly surprised at how well this heli handled for its class. The gyro holds very well and the factory recommended setting are almost spot on. 

She has plenty of power to do any 3d you want but this being the flybar version she's still docile enough to sharpen your other pilot skills.

So lets talk about some of the bad things I have noticed so far about this helicopter.

  1. The tail servo mount is very cheap and flimsy
  2. The tail case has a lot of issues from the factory, best bet is replacing it with a aluminum one
  3. Skids are decent but not the best (align 500 set will fit just drill new holes in skids)

So far those are the only down sides I have noticed about this and they are very minimal.  Oh and that blade actually discontinued this heli so if you find one somewhere i would hesitate, just buy it.  The price is right and if you feel like your ready for a heli of this caliber then I would definitely suggest it


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